Move your sync center file location in Windows 10

There are other ways to do this versus a link, however, this is what worked for me.

Move offline file cache in Windows 10:

  1. Create a folder for your offline file cache. Something like G:\Offline.

  2. Run command prompt in Administrator mode and type the following:

Takeown /r /f C:\Windows\CSC

  1. Open the Sync Center and go to Manage Offline Files.

  2. Click Disable Offline Files and restart the machine.

From an elevated command prompt issue the following commands:
rd /s C:\Windows\CSC

mklink /J C:\Windows\CSC "G:\Offline"

  1. Keep quotes in above example

  2. Reopen the Manage Offline Files window and Enable Offline Files.

  3. Restart the machine.

  4. All files/folders that you selected for offline availability should now be redirected to your new folder/drive specified.